Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miss P's 1 year old session PREVIEW!!

there are no real words that can describe my love for, not only this little girl, but also her family.  she is such A VERY BIG DEAL, and brings a smile to my face, every time i see her.  she is happy and beautiful.
my cup runs over and my stomach growls for such sweetness!!  (and there are always cupcakes)

Miss Presley Grace Comer will be turning O*N*E* this month and we HAD to get those 1 year photos done.  she was the best sport and let us play dress up, torture her with cupcakes, kiss her, laugh (with & at her) and all the while didn't fuss a peep...she was perfection.  i cannot believe that she is already 1.

Anyway, enough blubbering from me - just check out this lil SWEETNESS...

you can see her grow through photos from the past year below.
4-5 months: part 1 + part 2

ALSO, I am going to try something new because I need comments & new customers!
for every comment presley gets on ANY of her 7 posts, she will get a point - if she can get 20 points in the next week, her mom & dad will get a FREE 11x14 print!!!
NOTE: original comments ONLY - 1 per person, so please leave your name!
comments will be collected from today 5/3/11-5/10/11


deve said...

Love the pictures! Such a pretty girl!

Kelby said...

It should be illegal to be this cute! How sweet is this little angel?!?! Mom and Dad MUST be proud! Congrats and happy birthday to lil miss P! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cutie Patootie!! Great job on the pics, they're precious:)

Lindsay Solomon

High Heels to Spitup Spills said...

She is adorable! The pics are great!

Anonymous said...

Precious!! Great job!

Almacen said...

Congratulations to you both, to Presley for being so cute and such a good sport and Lindsey you are a great photographer. Awesome pictures. Adorable!!!

CLedesma said...

How cute is she? Precious!