Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miss Presley Grace Comer {2 weeks old}

Miss Presley Grace Comer is here! YAY!  I am a very proud (adoptive) Aunt LiLi...I loved this little girl before she was born, but now that she is here in the flesh, I love her even more than I could have imagined!  She is gorgeous and if she is half the woman her mother is, she will be just as beautiful on the inside.  As you can probably tell, her mom, Brennan or loving known as "B", is one of my very best friends.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding (4 short years ago) and here we are approx 6 years of friendship later, both sharing the blessed adventures of motherhood!  It is amazing.  God is so very good.

I am leaving for vacation today, but couldn't sneek away without sharing with you all (and of course, her Momma & GiGi) a few of my favorites, so far.  I hope to finish these as soon as I return for you guys.  Congrats again, Landon & Brennan.  You will be wonderful parents.  I love you!!

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