Wednesday, July 23, 2014

where in the world have i been? july 2014

9 months have come and gone since my last post, and I honestly don't have a good instead of making a million excuses, I will just share what I have been up to lately and vow to do better... ;)

Trying my hand at a few new things, maybe I will share that another day.  Working on my confidence...and of course never slowing down at home, at work, doing crafts, photography, etc.  Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to function without the chaos, although I'd like to try for a week or two.

Chandler started gymnastics.  It was a rough start, but when she "wants" to try, she's pretty good at it.  She's still our little SASSTER, sassy-sister/disaster.  Going through a phase of the ol' terrible two-threes...not fun.  Not fun at all.  Fits, Tantums, Spankings.  But inside she's still a ray of sunshine w/ the MOST infectious smile and laugh....and beautiful.  Oh My Goodness, if you'd have told me when that one day I'd have curly-headed, vivacious, take-your-breath-away gorgeous little girl, I'd have never believed you.  This girl is lucky she's so dang cute.  It often saves her from "a good beatin'"! haha

As promised, Cooper has begun soccer.  His first game is closely approaching and I am praying for a better season than last years wee-ball.  He's already showing more interest, so we are hopeful!  In less than a month, this lil man will be 5.  He started the "purple" class, kindergarten at his Montessori Preschool last month.  He's big & tall now and so so smart and living with his celiac disease is getting better every day.  I have said it for 5 years, but I truly don't know where the time has gone, but it's taken my baby boy. 

by the way, a few months ago, I finally started a photography facebook page so if you haven't yet liked it, please do so (and invite friends)!  I will be offering incentives and contests very soon, I hope!  my marketing manager is so lazy... So, here I go... try to catch you all up to the happenings.
(these are not all the sessions, but some I've been anxious to share...)


The Comer Girls: Presley & Brooklyn

Mr. Maverick Peek

In March & April, I was more than honored to be a part of 2 incredible celebrations!
The Sandoval 50th and the Roberts 70th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations.  I cannot tell you how amazing it was to see all of that love - old and new.   I cried multiple times per event!

my 3 favorite babies: Chandler Morgan (2), Cooper Westin (5), Landry Ryann (2)

Aunt Lili's Angel Baby

Monday, October 7, 2013

meet miss lilly jean - sept 2013

oh my heavens.  I melted when I met this beauty.  she is flawless.  those lips, that hair...she is perfection!  meet lilly.  the lump of sugar.
looking at these photos again just makes me want to kiss those sweet cheeks again!
love her.

Lilly & Mama.


Lilly & her sweet, handsome big brother, Jaxon.  <3 boy="" p="" so="" this="">

Gigi Chick made this sweet blanket for Miss Lil.



she's perfect.  thank you for letting me photograph such a blessing from heaven!

Monday, September 30, 2013

mr. maverick peek. newborn session - august 2013

#geezitsabouttimelili #whattookyousolong

yep.  I just hash tagged myself!  it's literally October in just a few hours....and I just now posted this little prince's newborn session from august!  and at that, he was born in july!  oh my gosh.  I suck.  that's it.

anyway, I am so lucky to call this family, friends.  big brother caisen was my baby-love before I ever had kids, we had a pretty amazing bond...and he still has a HUGE place in my heart, and now here's mr maverick.  I can't wait to get to know him and watch him grow!

M, B, C,& M - It's amazing how our lives have come full-circle through the last 5+ years!! I feel very blessed to be a part of your lives and share in all the important moments because you choose me!  that's pretty fantastic.  makes my heart happy.  thank you! <3 p="">
here's mr mav...he was a great baby!  I loved getting to "play" with him!  enjoy the blog overload below!

Here's the amazing BIG Brother, being such a great helper!

In true crazy Buddha fashion, the tummy blower!