Friday, June 5, 2009

Our 4-Legged Kids

Well, it has been a while since I posted any new(er) pictures of the dogs, due to the over-excitement about the Lil Man. Last night before the storms, Trey spotted a nest in our little tree in the front.

We normally don't let Nala (or any of the 3 dogs) out front with us because I get too nervous they will run into the street. However, last night was so calm before the storm, Trey let Nala go out there with us. I took a picture of the nest & Miss Nala Lou. She is a pretty good poser! Not like the other 2 who have learned to RUN from the camera now!!

Tonight I went out to check out the clouds & possible rain coming our way, so Gracie & Hollis got "caught on camera" - much to their dismay. I love these little guys. They are rotten! Curious to see how their roles as 'children' play out when the baby gets here! We will see. For now, they are still my babies. And aren't they cute?!?!?

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