Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nala's 1st Popsicle & Our "Green Thumbs"

What a day! We worked in the pitiful flower beds today, trying to make them more appealing to the eye...I think we did a decent job. I also got my new lens in yesterday and had to try it out! So, what a better way to try it out than on our newest masterpiece & the dog! I really like it.

About mid-day, we decided to have a popsicle & poor deprived Nala drooled all over the floor pining for a taste.

So, we decided to give in and let her have her own! You cannot even tell she loved it, can you?? :)

Her tongue wouldn't even go fast enough! She was getting so frustrated, but it was hilarious!!

Here is a picture of the flower beds - They look sooo much better than they did! I may actually like gardening soon! :) Eh, maybe not!


Lissa Anglin said...

Check out those colors! Beautiful! Cute dog, too.

I'm going to make some "dog popsicles" soon- freeze chicken broth in a tupperware and let them at it!

Christine C. said...

Don't know much about camera lenses, but the new one looks like it takes really great pictures. And speaking on Nala, I've got a puppy! A female chocolate lab named Alli.