Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter "Buddies" & Gracie's Haircut!

Easter Sunday went spent with the Chick Family. They are a great 2nd family! We had a great meal compiled by GiGi, ToTo & LiLi (like the repeatitive nicknames)?? :) Corby & I hid the Easter eggs, Jaxon found them all, then we watched the Masters for a while! We had a great day & were blessed from beginning to end with a great church service & thoughtful, loving friends/family...It was a wonderful Easter.
PawPaw, GiGi, & Jax
ToTo & Keaton
Jaxon's Easter treasure...

While I was "bloggin' " thought I would throw in a picture of Miss Gracie & her new haircut. She got a lil groomin' on Monday! Thank goodness...Don't tell her, but she was starting to smell & it was quite pathetic to see her back foot caught in her hair, up by her ear! She would cry...
Oh My! It was bad! :) She looks much better!

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cmarion said...

Glad you had fun, Ms. Lindsey - the Easter egg hunt is one thing we thought of, but didn't get around to. Keri did boil some eggs & that's what made us think of it, but we ate ours instead. That's what we did all weekend - eat!!! I REEALLY enjoyed my kids!!!! I love them so. Gracie looks cute. "Gizzer", the blue healer who adopted us just keeps dragging dead deer carcasses up in my front yard! & chewed 2 holes in my water hose. IF it had been a new hose like i'm thinking of buying one, Gizzer'd been gone!!!! Love ya, C