Saturday, April 11, 2009

A few belly shots.

i have had more inquiries for belly shots...I tried to take some myself, then got trey to take a couple. you would think we had never used a camera the way these turned out!! :)

This is at 20 weeks! 20 down, 20 more to go!!


cmarion said...

Beautiful tummy, Lindsey, but let's see the beautiful face that goes with it!!!! Thanx for your encouraging comments - I love them!!!! I feed on feedback! I'm a ham = don't know if yu noticed haha! I REALLY enjoyed my kiddos this weekend, and my birthday. We have had rain, praise the Lord. I pray it just keeps coming & coming. Is Trey working, where?? I'll try to conjure up a pic of me 40+ weeks pregnant with Kaylee, and Keri - talk about making you feel better. I looked like I would pop if you even touched me!!!! Love you, Claudia

Anonymous said...

Hey momma, you look wonderful honey, and i really love the yellow shirt, that really made my day to see you wearing it, that is the exact shirt i wore the day after i had tea,we really miss you guys. we have been so so so busy but i am sure we will meet up soon, luv ya,christin

Christine C. said...

Yay!!! More belly pictures!! So awesome to see. Glad you posted them.