Monday, April 20, 2009

Brandi + Jacob

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking Brandi & Jacob's engagement photos. We had a great time. Kris acted as my lovely assistant, which always makes me feel much more confident, with her behind me, helpin me along. We had fun. Aren't they such a cute couple? Here are a couple of my favorites!

Thanks guys! Good luck on your future together!


cmarion said...

I like Brandi in a dress! Don't often see that in pics anymore. The girlfriend weekend is evolving! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Love, Momma Marion

Christine C. said...

Great pictures, Lindsey!!

cmarion said...

Hey Baby, stalk me all you want. i saw ya'll at the court house. I'll be praying about your feet. I'll go get my bath, so if & when you bring Kristen home, I can offer you a big glass of tea & a recliner to put your feet up!!!! Love ya, Baby girl! Momma C