Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sneek peek of the kings!!

wow, i love my part-time job.  why can't I do this full time?  seriously.  cute kids, i mean, really cute kids, like the King's make my job SOOO much easier!  not sure you can take a bad picture when you have subjects that are as cute as these kids.  i hadn't seen them in person, since their last session - which was a while back!!  you can see their first photos with me, here. they were precious then, and precious now.

i am so honored that their parents bring them to amarillo to let me photograph them!!  they are one of my closest friend's family (brother, sister in law, neice & nephew).  they lived in brownwood, now they have moved to san angelo. it was great to see them again, and spend saturday morning playing w/ all the kids at the "king-dom"!!  brennan brought presley, and i brought cooper & gigi sosebee to assist too!  we had a fabulous brunch by gigi king & the kids played & had a great time.  i will post more on presley's & cooper's presence later.

for now, it's all about KENNEDY & GUNNER!!
perfect subjects!!  muah!

here with their cousin "P" :)

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