Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 sweet babies.1 fun night.

OK, OK, now I am done w/ the posts of these Crazy Daniels/Rogers/Stice kids.  For now.  This is the last of the images that I wanted to share w/ you.  The look on Cooper's face says it all to says, "seriously, mom.  stop.  i've had it."  and then you have little Tessa Kay, trying to escape, Briley squeezing poor little Paxton's neck off...  LOL!!

in this one, tessa says "do you smell that?"  ha!!

yes, that's TREY's Son, there with 4 ladies...He's a chick-magnet.  What can I say?

i love these kids.  but i will start sharing new kids now.  unless i have NO new clients, then i will continue to share images of these children whose parents let me kidnap from time to time.  they are pretty cute!

~mama stice / aunt lili / linds

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