Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Clarks - November 2009

The Clarks!  Well, it is amazing to me that I have only REALLY known the Clark's for a little over a year now.  I feel like I have known them forever.  It has been awesome to be a part of their lives & watch them grow as a family, as well as watch lil Caisen grow!  I first really started getting to know them thru the Fralick's, and then I had the priviledge of taking Caisen's newborn pics (see here)...then I followed that up w/ some pics of both boys in October (see here).  It is amazing.  The boys (Kinsler & Caisen) are almost exactly 1 year older than Cooper & I cannot wait until the boys are older (& that year doesn't matter) so they can play together...(here are their 10 month pics)
Anyway, back to the purpose of the post....THE CLARK'S....I took their Christmas pictures again this year & had a great time...Caisen is getting so big & he is so much fun.  Here are a few of my favorites:


look at Caisen's sweet lil smile

"Come see LiLi!"

Ahhhh...Mama love...

Playin' in the leaves

I really cannot explain this, but IF you were there, like Trent, Kimmy, & Myself, you would know that this was F-U-N-N-Y!!!!!!

Pretty Mama.

Throwin' Leaves

Gettin' LiLi...

Love you guys!

Side note:  Kimmy (which I posted earlier, here) is Ms Bobbi's sister! Gotta love great referrals! :) 

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