Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caisen + Kinsler

Wow! What a weekend. It has been crazy busy for me, but I have been lovin' every minute of it!! Yesterday, it was 'about that time' again for Mr. Caisen Clark (he is in my BUNDLE OF JOY, baby-photo club). His parents (Bobbi & TJ), and Trey & I just happen to have a mutual friendship w/ the Fralick's (Brad & Tiffany), so Bobbi asked if Mr. Kinsler could tag along for this particular shoot! It was AWESOME.

Kinsler is 1 week older than Caisen. They are both, ALMOST 3 months. I posted on their births in August....THEY WERE PRECIOUS, as usual. They had matching outfits & everything. I had lots of great help...Tiff's mom was there, Daddy TJ, and both Mommies! We were all tired & sweaty by the time it was over, but we had a good time! These boys are such great sports...they hung in there, for sure! I cannot wait to watch them grow & I am so happy to play even a small part in each of their lives!

Kinsler (left) & Caisen (right)

I have NO idea how I caught this! It just happened!!!

FYI: The following switch-off Caisen, then Kinsler then Caisen...well, you get the point!!

I LOVE his tongue - I think we have to make it a photo-ritual!!

Check out these looks, LADIES!!!

I told Teagan's parents to 'watch out' for these lil cuties one day!!!

This photo has his DADDY, Brad, written ALL OVER IT!!!!

Hope you guys had as much fun as I did...Can't wait to do it again! ;)
**I have 2 more sessions from this weekend to post! Stay tuned!!**

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