Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teagan - April 2009

Well, with all the BABY BONANZA, I keep forgetting to post a few sessions that took place before the "craze" struck. Little Miss Teagan had her 9 month session with me at the end of April & I hadn't posted it yet!! She is always such a happy baby & I love to be around her because she always makes me smile.

The pictures below are SOOO "Teagan"...Here are my top 3 favs...There was also one of her crying (that I didn't add). It was almost UNBELIEVEABLE since she is rarely unhappy around me. It was sad, but more funny than anything. I think the whole time she was crying or possibly faking it, Christin & I were laughing at her!

Discovering the grass below her...She LOVES to put things in her mouth. I am pretty sure she tried to eat that blade on her finger!

This photo was my favorite. I couldn't resist it with her sweet little teeth showing on top. I ordered wallets of this for myself & taped one to my work computer monitor. It makes me smile every day seeing her precious little smiling face. When I get frustrated, I look over at it & she makes me smile because she looks like she is looking down on me, saying "Aunt LiLi, you are SO over-reacting!! Get over it!" It's is totally what she would say to me, if she could talk already. Before too long, she will be saying that to me. She is just so laid-back, she probably thinks I am crazy....oh, wait! I am! :)

Love you, Teags! XOXO

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cmarion said...

Who is Teagan? MOMMA Marion I'm goofing off at work, way too much here lately. Gotta go get Emilio, my student after lunch. MM