Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, I am going to try to get 1 more tummy shot on here before I close the POLLS! I will probably leave my face off the pic again, as I am expanding rapidly! Whew! I am now 22, almost 23 weeks.

As most of you know, we have approximately 3 days until we have another sonogram. This sonogram is supposed to tell us the gender, while ultimately checking the baby's organ development. We keep calling it Gender Day, but really we are wishful thinking that we will be able to walk outta there knowing the gender of our little one. We are very anxious! Both of our mothers will be here, which will be a great treat! I kinda think they both secretly want a girl! ;)

The polls seem to be about split, but oddly enough people keeping changing their votes when they see my "bump"! Most keep thinking it will be a boy. We just pray for good health & ask that all of you will send a prayer up for our lil peanut this week! We will keep you posted IF we find out on Friday, as hoped!

I have quite a few photography things to update you on. I will try to stay focused this week long enough to get them posted...Friday's session of Teagan, Saturday's Gaines Wedding, and today's senior session of Mr. Drustten! Whew, that outta be enough to keep me occupied until Friday. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Christine C. said...

I can't wait for Gender Day!!!! :)