Monday, March 30, 2009

The New Furniture!!

Here is the new furniture for the baby's room, but I must warn you, these pictures DO NOT do this justice. For those of you who cannot tell, it is an EXPRESSO colored wood. I really can't wait until May 1st now!
Below is the changes from a crib to a toddler bed to a full-size bed. We have the toddler rail that will replace this front rail, then when he/she is bigger, it will turn into a full-size bed, using the back & front pieces as the headboard & footboard....
4 Drawer Dresser - It just so happened that this lamp that was already in this room, matched exactly!!

The Dresser/Changer/Night-stand Combo - The smaller, top piece on the right will be removed (it is not attached) later to become a night stand - we have the legs that will convert it!

And here is Daddy who is practicing for the real thing!! :) She was NOT a willing participant, as you can imagine. He even strapped her in! Ha!

She looks terrified! I don't blame her!


Christine C. said...

Y'all got beautiful furniture!! Absolutely love it all!! I bet it all feels that much more real now, huh? :) So exciting!

cmarion said...

YOur furniture is beautiful. What color of bumper pads, etc???? Apparently you don't know sex yet. are you going to wait & be surprised??? Advantages to know - you can have name picked & know color of nursery. Disadvantage to knowing - no element of surprise. Prepare yourself for5 one of the biggest highs of your life!!!! - birth of your own, sweet doll!!! Love, Claudia

Terrells said...

*LOL* that's kinda mean to do to your poor dog! JK
that is very very pretty furniture!

CouponAlbum said...

Interesting photos!! You have really wonderful furniture!! Crib bed, lamp and drawer dresser all thing are just fantastic!!

cmarion said...

I emailed you for your blog address. forgot!!!, no kidding, part of being 58 years young, that I had been on it, and dug around after I emailed you. The furniture is grand!!!! Go Stices!! Momma Marion Oh, when's the due date??