Friday, March 22, 2013

miss reagan kaye - 18mo

this sweet girl has now turned 18 months.  i want to sit here and say "i can't believe it" like i usually do, but the way time is flying by with my own kids, i, unfortunately, CAN believe it.  but where does it all go?  i mean, i feel like my life is just a blur.  i can't keep up!  the gaines' family came over last week (kimmy's spring break) to visit family and i was lucky enough to get to see them for a moment and try my hardest to capture some photos of this little-crazy-rotten-precious-bitty girl.  she may be 18mo, but she's still teeny weeny.  so glad i have been able to watch this lil family grow from trent & kimmy dating, to getting married, having a baby, and watching her grow from 0-18 months.  it's been amazing.  i hope for lots more from this sweet family to come!  love you guys.

enough yappin'!! on with the usual, she only likes me when i DON'T have my camera, so smiles are a rarity...but we discovered that....SHE LOVES TO SWING!  {win!}

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