Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dodgin Family - October 2012

my beautiful friend. her beautiful family.  i love photographing these beautiful people.
and i LOVE them!  Anna Banana, Kyla, Liam Jack & Dustin aka Doodle.

i have been friends w/ Kyla for about 6, almost 7 years.  she started as my hair stylist & quickly became a friend, and through the years grew into family.  it's amazing to think that anna was just a little 5 year old girl when i met her...and now she's 10, almost 11 years old.  now we have mr liam jack - 10 months old.  can't wait to watch him grow!
i had a great time photographing this crazy bunch.  it was a little chilly, and there may or may not have been snakes in that tall grass, but we BRAVED the elements for these photos!  :)  memories!
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Dustin said...

My heart is so full