Saturday, May 12, 2012

the Ledesma Girls - May 2012

...these girls are so special to me.  they are not only neighbors, but family!  they are beautiful lil girls.  jessalyn is four, going on fourteen and miss jericka was born on april 4, she is just over a month old.  i truly had such a great time playing dress up with the newest Baby J...

and as usual, their mama, Cindy, made my day with drinks and dinner.  she is so thoughtful and takes such good care of me.  love her to pieces.

i will quit rambling and share some of the images of these gorgeous girls.  i had too hard of a time narrowing them down, so prepare yourself for blog-overload!!  :)  ENJOY.

so much love, it hurts!!


i'm not gonna drop her, mom, i promise!!

good helper!

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