Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stice Family Update...01.05.12

Just wanted to drop a line or two and give you an update to "keep you up with the Stice's..."  probably not as cool as the kardashians, but surely a close 2nd...

we had a fantastic christmas and new years - we were able to celebrate with all of our family and it was wonderful.  the sosebee family - poppy, gigi, uncle spud & aunt b - came in christmas week/weekend...then the stice family - beej, emmy, aunt sis, uncle d & miss landry - came in new years weekend.  we had a GREAT time.  so sad to see it end.

but here we are now, about 5 days into 2012 already, and a mere week away from our newest addition, miss chandler morgan joining our already blessed family.  we are anxious, nervous, excited, etc... it's very surreal.  below is small photo recap of all of our holiday fun...ENJOY!!

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