Thursday, December 8, 2011

the comers {amarillo family photographer}

THE COMERS....are back!!!  It's been a little while since i have taken photos of their smiling faces but we did it!  :) i always love taking their photos, not because they are very close friends, but also because they are all so photogenic.  Presley tried to "try" me, but i always win.  lol.  she thinks she knows her aunt lili, but i get some smiles out of her when i really try.

we met on an awfully cold day, so we had to do some indoors - in their beautifully decorated home.  but we managed to brave the cold for a few minutes here and there to shoot some too.  P LOVES it outside.  she's an outdoors-y kind of girl.  so she was much happier there.  here are a few of my favorite photos of some of my most favorite people.  <3 you guys.

here's her thinking she's in charge....

...and here's me winning!!

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