Saturday, December 3, 2011

...the hobbs' family - november 2011 the hobbs' family - you will LOVE them.  i already do.  they are very close friends of ours.  we are very glad they have made their way back to amarillo with their sweet little family!  it's been a long time since i have taken tim & tracy's photos, and i have NEVER gotten to take mr sawyer's photos, so this was a real treat for me!  i was honored that his parents asked me to take their holiday pictures.  sawyer truly may be the MOST charasmatic child EVER!  he has THE funniest facial expressions.  the whole session was a LAUGH session.  i loved it.  can't wait to photograph him again!

here are some of my favorites - ENJOY - and leave me a comment!!

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Tracy said...

In case I haven't told you how much I LOVE these pix... I totally do! You did a great job! Next time we will have a toy ready for Tim ;-) Love you!