Wednesday, November 30, 2011

miss reagan kaye - 3mo old

yes, miss reagan kaye is 3 months old already!  i cannot believe how fast this is going...and in 6 short weeks i am going to have my own little princess!  omg!!  kimmy, reagan's mom, brought more tutu's, bows, & frills!  i can tell there will never be a dull moment photographing this little one.  :)  she looked precious in all her outfits...even when she didn't like them!  she already has lots of personality at such a young age!  sassy just like her momma!  sorry her daddy was sick and missed out on the fun.  she did great and i cannot wait for her 6 month session already!  below are some of my favorites...and a couple where i just couldn't resist!  ENJOY.

                                                 ....see, i couldn't resist...sorry, reagan!


...aren't her outfits adorable!  and these bows!  girl, has some precious bows. this OSU one is perfection.

YAY - bring on MORE bows!  <3


Kimberly Gaines said...

YAY!!! She is so dang cute, even when she is crying!!

Shirley Ann Wheatley said...

Just a little doll!! Love you Miss Reagan Kaye!!