Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, Minus the Labor!

We had a SUPER Labor Day Weekend at Ute Lake with some really fly peeps!  :)  The Rogers & The Millers hosted us at their lake house in Logan, NM for some fun, sun, and FOOD...
OH.MY.GOSH.THE.FOOD.......was delish.  And worth every pound I gained!

The best part of the whole weekend was the absence of actual LABOR.  It was so nice just to hang out with our friends, eat, let the kids run crazy, eat, not fix our hair or make-up, eat some more, get the point.  What an awesome time we had and we cannot wait to go back.

Here are a few candid photos from our weekend, minus the lake, because I didn't take my good camera out on the boat.  I don't know, something about a HUGE lake with water in it and 2 crazy 1 year olds didn't mix well with electronics and digital memories...hmmm....


Tiff, Tess, & Van aka Pops


There he goes on his 4 wheeler again...VROOM, VROOM!

One of Cooper's favorite past-times: POPCORN.  His favorite...

This is the look we got on Monday morning while we were trying to clean-up & "do we have to go home?  i don't wanna go home..."
(Future Husband & Wife)

Thanks again to the Rogers for inviting us & Millers for hosting us.  We love you guys very much & are so glad to call you "family"!!

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Jessica Grider said...

He is too big already! I love him eating the popcorn with the sippy!