Monday, September 13, 2010

Lil Zaiden

This last weekend on our WHIRLWIND trip to Fort Worth/Dallas, to see The Stice's, Terrell, Dave Matthews, etc....we got to see our cousin, Brandi's little boy, Zaiden!  He is soooo cute and getting so big.  We hadn't seen him since July 4th and he's grown!  He has BIG beautiful eyes....

Anyway, his poor momma is going to have to go back to work on Wednesday and my heart goes out to her because I know how absolutely PAINFUL it is to leave your baby and go back to work.  So, I just wanted to shout some LOVE her way...and let her know that we would be thinkin' about her and prayin' for her.  Thanks again for bringing that little bundle of curly-headed JOY to see us!  Love ya!

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