Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kimmy's Bridals

Kimmy, OH, Kimmy!  This Girl...What can I say about this crazy, fun, beautiful girl?!?!  She is a trip.  Kristen & I did Kimmy & Trent's wedding back in April in the BIG city of Wheeler, TX.  We had a great time, minus my swelling & over-sized physique, as I was definitely pregnant & showing it by then.  However, prior to the wedding, we never got to do any bridals - so, Ms Kimmy decided that this was something she badly wanted to do.  A couple weeks ago, we drug the ol' dress out of hiding & took to the city!  We had a blast - well, I did - watching her haul that dress in & out of the car, up & down the streets at my commands!!!  :) What a great sport she is!  ...and GORGEOUS...I am just sayin'.  Here are a few of my favorites (and I mean a few - because I actually loved almost every photo):

Kimmy got a kick out of me telling her that if the pose was uncomfortable, then the photo would be great.  If she was comfy, probably didn't look too good!!  Gotta love my honesty, right? :)

Just for fun...We had to get the lights changing on the brick road...

Of course, she had the BOOTS on - They made the look complete!
THIS is my favorite, I think of all....

Intoxicating eyes - seriously...H-O-T, hot.

Mrs. Gaines - This was a great idea & I am so glad you asked me to do it!  Thank you for the fun times!  Love your face! XOXO

To anyone out there checkin my blog - please leave me a comment!  I would love to know that you are out there watching!!  ;)  I rarely receive comments, but love to hear what you think!  So share with me! (Thanks to Christine, Christin, & Cassie for always letting me know, though!)

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High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

Those are beautiful! You did a great job!