Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Pumpkin

I am finally posting again about my little frog prince who recently posed as a pumpkin!!  He was working "under cover".  ;) See a few of my favs here:

I have been working on his website, so that you all can visit there to get updates on him + see tons & tons of pictures.  Poor guy.  I think he may be the most photographed child in the world.  Seriously, he is right up there with SURI CRUISE....I am just sayin'.  You all are more than welcome to check out his site, but if you do - PLEASE sign the guestbook so I know you were there!

Glad you still visit my blog!  I promise I will get better...Soon!
XOXO - Lindsey


Terrells said...

most precious little pumpkin I've ever laid eyes on!! He's adorable! Makes me desire for my little prince to hurry up and get here! *L*

Melanie said...

Adoorable pics! What a cute guy! And don't worry- I think taking thousands of pics of your baby a day is normal :) Love his pumpkin outfit!

cmarion said...

Adorable Cooper Westin! What a pumpkin!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...


Those pictures are PRECIOUS! He is absolutely adorable! I love his little pumpkin outfit!