Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Polls are Closed!

I am 23 weeks today & we have exactly 22 hours until our sonogram. I am beside myself. Mama & Mary will be here soon. Can't wait...I am going to be sooo unproductive today! ;) The doctor's office just called & confirmed our appointment...I know it is their job to call & confirm, but SERIOUSLY? Like I would FORGET this one! :)

I am removing the Gender Poll from the blog as of now. It is tied 50/, this outta be exciting! I will make a new poll soon...maybe a name poll. If you guys are interested....We will see. I can't wait.

Looking forward to an exciting post in the next few days. Please pray that the baby is healthy & growing...and that we get to find out the gender tomorrow. I simply cannot wait another minute! Hope you all have a fantastic day.

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