Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ya know, I have never been a huge Halloween person...and the closer it gets the only thing I am looking forward to is hoarding that candy somewhere secret for myself!!! But I do like to carve punkins...and I do love to see the lil ones all decked-out...

Anyway, Trey & I carved our first pumpkin together in Oct of 2003...see below:

We were still a 'green' couple. It was fun. As you can tell, we were somewhat 'romantic' then...You gotta give it to us for being creative though. **Take note of the crappy photog & picture. Back before I even owned a digital camera!

So, what's the point of my reminiscing flashback?? Well, just that I thought I would share with you all our newest, latest & greatest carving creativity!! I know the photography HAS to be better than 5 year's ago, or we have been wasting alot of $$!! ;0)

*ABOVE* - Our 'fan-tabulous' preparation for Saturday's BIG GAME (against my bro's team). HOOK 'EM HORNS!!

Ah. Our Last Initial...

Tell me what you think. I know some of you may not understand the dark pics, but it was my attempt at letting you 'see the light'!!! Have a FUN & SAFE Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Great job guys! Ya'll have improved!!!! Love you both, Judy

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