Monday, September 15, 2008

Bo Sox

Sorry I am a little behind again. I have a lot to post, but NO TIME to do so. I am aimlessly waiting for 5 today, since all of the gals are going to watch THE WOMEN!! And I am so excited...So, I decided to show off a couple of pics from our trip to see the Red Sox vs the Rangers on 9/5-7.

We went to the Friday game & I supported my Rangers, wearing my HAMILTON jersey...All ready for a good-solid, game-opening win. But to my dismay, the Sox beat the Rangers 8-1.

So, on Saturday nite (pics below), with the defeat behind me, I went pumped-up & ready to watch the Sox win again...wearing my PEDROIA jersey (if you haven't noticed, I am a fan of both teams! Majorly!). Anyway, again, my luck was not good enough for them, as the Rangers beat the Sox 15-8. WOW, if I was ever a bad-luck charm!

Sunday, we didn't get to go to the game because we had to come back to Amarillo, but I still wanted to support the teams & wore my KINSLER jersey in the car, home...We listened on the radio as the SOX defeated the Rangers, yet again, as I try to support them on the road! They won the 3rd 7-2. Needless to say, I, now, hang my head in shame.

Matty & Trey:

my brother & his beautiful girlfriend, Brandi: Linds & Trey:

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