Saturday, July 5, 2008


Can you see the flag? It was blowing in the wind while I was trying to take that pic! But it turned out kinda cool! **You can click on the picture and see it larger!!
Happy 4th of July to all of you! Hope you had a great day yesterday. I sure did. I am in PONCA CITY, OK, visiting the semi-Okies that I LOVE (my parents)!
Pap & I stayed by the pool & did what we do best, for close to 5 hours. The pool was around 92 degrees! Terrell & mom drove to OKC to pick up Brandi & bring her here. Then, we all ate 'cheeseburgers in paradise'! Cheeseburgers being my parents doing, which I must say are, to me, the BEST burgers on the planet...Paradise being outback beside the pool!

Lastly, we all went down to the lake w/some of my parents' friends to watch fireworks. I had a great time because I had never attempted to take 'fireworks' photos before, but I went to town! I know that I am no professional firework-shooter or anything, but I had fun trying to be!!!

Hope all is well in your world! Let me know how your 4th was! :)

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