Thursday, July 19, 2012

Landry is 9 mo!!

Well, Miss Landry Ryann has actually already come and gone with the 9 month mark, but we are just getting to these images.... I am telling you, this little girl is definitely one of the HIGHLIGHTS in my life.  I am so proud to call her my niece.  She is sweet as honey and growing like a little weed.  I miss her every day!

We had a great time catching up and visiting w/ all the family for the 4th.  Wish we could spend time together more often!  I can't believe this little girl is actually 10 months old TODAY.  Enough of my soap-box, here are some of my favorites....

this lil one HAS to have a fedora due to her namesake Tom Landry.  haha.

LOOK at that lip!!  :)

Stay tuned...I have Chandler's 6 month session and some random shares to catch up on!
:) Happy Thursday, all.

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