Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miss Landry is 6 months old!!!

my lil beautiful niece is now 7 months old - today actually - but a few weeks ago we got to see her and i was able to photograph her for her 6 month shoot....but as usual, i got busy with other stuff and didn't get these photos blogged.  my poor family gets shafted when it comes to keeping up with photos...unless it's a Facebook post via Instagram.  :)

here are some of my favorites of my lil lovebug niece...i love her like my own, and i am extremely bias....BUT she is BEAUTIFUL to me.  I think she's perfect in every way....and there may be a few of my little angel too (sorry, i couldn't help it!!).

with memaw at her 80th birthday party

Have to show you how cute they are together.... :)

i love you landry ryann marshall.  <3 lili

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