Thursday, November 3, 2011

the Demetro Fam {amarillo family photographer}

weekend before last, i was able to get together with the Demetro family to have a little session at the park.  it was a beautiful day & we had a good time chasing the girls...well, i did!  :)  i cannot believe how big both of the girls are getting.  we are lucky enough to see each other every day at Miss Dawn's house (our kids go to daycare together)'s great.  we are a tight-knit little family.  but even though i see them daily, it still amazes me to think about when we all knew each other in college, pre-kids - the guys playing WTAMU baseball marriage or kids...  it's nice to know people through different phases of life.  they are fun to be around...and kylee & cooper love to play together! (unless cooper won't hold kylee's hand, then she gets really upset!  lol)

anyway, i haven't taken the girls' pictures since last christmas (you can see those here) - kinsley was only 5 weeks old!  so as far as photographing them, they have changed so much.  i was getting a little choked up while looking at a couple pictures of Kylee looking like such a "big" girl.  it is absolutely amazing how fast time flies by - sounds cliche' but couldn't be more true.

here are a few of my favorites from our beautiful day at the park!!  i <3 comments, so let me hear from you!

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Lauren Chick said...

These are all GREAT pictures!