Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 2011 Fun we start to bring July to a close, I thought I would share some of our fun with you all!  We have had an eventful July and, if you know us, we don't slow down!

We went to Ponca City for the 4th of July weekend, then Gigi came & spent the next week with us to keep Cooper.  The 16-17th held another Amarillo Softball Tournament that our H&H Men WON again!  This was the 7th tourney this year that they have triumphed!  :)  They are #1 in Texas - West!!  They will be going to the World tourney in FL in Sept.  Check out their stats on the softball website.  We are proud of them!  The Daniels' brought the kiddos over & we got to play a bit on Saturday!!  They had so much fun. 

Last weekend was my 10 year High School Reunion!  I can't believe how quickly 10 yrs has flown by.  It was great to see everyone and it was crazy how much I missed people, after I saw them again.  It was fast & furious on Saturday.  Then Sunday was Kinsler's 3rd birthday party...and a sort of "Goodbye" to their precious family.  The Fralicks have been best friends of ours for years now, even before all of us were married and had kids.  The kids just iced the cake.  It still hasn't sunk in to me that they are moving so far away.  I get teary-eyed everytime I think of it.  :(  I am going to miss them so much.  Actually I do already....

This coming weekend, I have been granted the honor of photographing Kevin & Katie's wedding.  I am super nervous, because I want it to be perfect.  However, in the same breath I am so excited.  She is beautiful and will only be more so the day of her wedding!  They are such a special couple & I am so lucky to have met Katie.  Brennan, Katie's cousin, introduced us, and she is amazing.  So that being said, I get to be part of all these awesome family functions all the time & love it!!

Whew!  All that being said, let me share some pictures of all of our fun.  Enjoy!!

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JSho said...

10 year reunion?! You're so old! ;P
Thanks for the blog update! I love creepin' on all the pics my favorite little Amarillo redhead all the way from Nashville :)