Monday, November 15, 2010

dustin, kyla & anna - sneak peek

Well, if I had enough room, I would have added about 50 more of the photos from this session, not because the photography is so great but because I LOVE THESE PEEPS.  Kyla has been one of my dearest friends for a very long time (I was even in her wedding back in July!!), therefore I have know Miss Anna this whole time too.  I consider them & their family, MY FAMILY too.  I love them all - Papa Sir, Meems (aka MiMi), Krissy, & Orrin.  Now, she has married this crazy great, handsome dude, Dustin & he has joined our mix & match crew!  They are perfect for each other & I am so glad that they are happy!  :)

Here are a very few of my favorites from our fun-filled session!  Love you guys!


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Nikki Shelton said...

Love these pics. What a great family!!!! Love the heels Kyla!!!! Anna you are gorgeous!!
Love yall Nikki