Monday, November 1, 2010

10.16.10 - wheeler fun times. part uno.

i have so much to post and so little time to edit & post it all...i have had such a fun month.  october was GREAT.  i will be posting all kinds of images this week from this month, that i have yet to share with you!

first, mid-october, we went to see my Nana, Jerry, & Uncle Kyle in Wheeler.  (You saw a few of these a little while ago when i was showing off some of my favorite heart-breakers - see HERE.)  The Rogers went with us and we fished and had a great time...I will have more to share of the Rogers later, but for now, here are some of my favorites that I want to share...

for some reason the image below makes me think of this incredibly sweet, humble man named ROYCE MARION...i <3 him (well, and all his girlies too)!  BIG HUGS to that sweet guy!

stay tuned...i promise there is a LOT more cuteness coming your way.

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