Tuesday, September 28, 2010

paxton.hagen.daniels. ~ one.month-ish.

this little angel's family came to visit us, yet again, a few weeks ago.  they are so good to us.  coming over here with all 3 kids to see us!  paxton arrived 1 week before cooper's 1st birthday party.  we had gone to the hospital that day and the next of course, but never expected to see him show up for the 1st birthday party, 1 week old!!  we were so excited that they all made it.  the daniels' are very, very dear to us.  we love them so much and wished they lived in amarillo again, instead of pampa, so that we could see them more.

anyway, while they were visiting, i took the liberty of kidnapping paxton and putting one of cooper's old longhorn's outfits on him for a couple photos!  this was the texas vs tech game - hook 'em!!

little pax, i just want you to know how happy i am that you are here.
your aunt lili loves you very very much little man!! xoxo

more photos from that night in the next few days!

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