Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scalf Family Introduces Miss Liddy

Back in Late 2008, I believe it was, I was asked by the Scalf/Johnston Families to do a family photo session for them.  (click their name above to see their 2008 photos).  I was honored to do so, since I still didn't have a lot of confidence in my photography...However, Heather had faith in me & patience with my learning process...Look how much their oldest, Avery, has grown in the almost 2 years that has gone by!

Now, here we are August 2010 & The Scalf Family has welcomed another beautiful baby girl into their family...Poor Joel - surrounded by beautiful women, what will he do with himself?  :)  They asked me yet again to photograph some of their family.  We met up a couple weeks ago to get some "first shots" of Miss Elizabeth "Liddy" Ellen Scalf and of course, couldn't leave out BIG SISTER, Miss Avery!  Also, as a side note, I was extremely elated and proud to see my 2008 work displayed very largely above the Johnston Family fireplace.  Made my heart skip a beat that they liked the photo enough to BLOW-IT-UP and place it for all to see in their living room for the last 2 years!  all smiles...

Here are some of my favorites from my morning session with this great little family:

Thanks again Scalf family for considering me for your photos!!  Can't wait to watch these sweet little girls grow up and become beautiful women!

**leave me some comments people!  it's been FOREVER since I have seen any sign of life from the outside world on the ol' blogspot...do i still have any fans out there?  if so, let me know, i like stalkers!  :)**


Don said...

What beautiful pictures of this precious little one. In looking back, yes, your photography has changed and is getting better all the time. You are awesome!
Love you,
Judy and GPa

Jessica Grider said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work Lindsey! Those Scalf girls, all three of them are beautiful!
Jess G