Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colten Hamilton - Randall High Senior

A few weeks ago I FINALLY had the privilidge to meet Mr Colten & his mother, Amy.  They had been referred to me by Kyla & Jennifer of Hair Unlimited whom I love...and we had been trying and trying to get this young man's photos taken for a LONG time...I was pregnant when she first contacted me (and Cooper is now 8 months old), if that tells you anything!!  :)

I was so glad we finally met face-to-face & get Colten's senior photos done.  We had a good time.  Colten was such a good sport...He had two ladies chasin' after him & telling him what to do & how to look.  He handled it very well.  Hard to take a bad photo of a "handsome" guy!

I wish Colten the best in his endeavors through college & beyond. And I am so lucky to have met them. Thanks for a fun time & hope to see you again soon!

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Gary said...


Thank you. I really appreciate you working with us and getting him fixed up. The pictures are GREAT. I am very pleased. He is an only child so no more senior pics. But I hope we get to work with you in the future.

Thanks Amy Hamilton