Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Celebration "Shout Outs"

I wanted to take a minute to mention how many wonderful people we have the priviledge of celebrating this month. We have family & friends w/ birthdays, a few anniversaries, and of course, the birth of our first born son ALL in 1 month!! It is an incredible month...and will continue to be a great month forever! What a month!
Happy Birthday, Miss Kyla - August 1st
Happy Birthday, Keaton - August 2nd

Happy 1st Birthday, Kinsler Davis Fralick
August 2nd

Happy Birthday, Dustin Marshall (Future Brother In Law) - August 5th

Happy 1st Birthday, Caisen Cordell Clark - August 9th

Happy 6th Birthday, Jaxon Wyatt Chick (Magnet)
August 11th

Happy 1st Birthday, Teagan Nicole Beck
August 13th

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful (Inside & Out) Mama
August 17th
Happy 30th Anniversary to
My Wonderful Inlaws, BJ & Mary
August 18th
Happy 1st Anniversary, Lance & Keri Terrell
August 22nd

Happy Birthday, Miss Christin (Niss) August 24th

Cooper Westin Stice's Due Date - August 27th

Happy Birthday, Brad - August 30th

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cassi rash said...

Wow...that is A LOT of celebrating in the month of August! There are a lot of great pictures in that post! Hope you are feeling great and doing well.