Thursday, March 5, 2009

...25 weeks to go...but who's counting??? :)

Today I am 15 weeks...

'What to Expect' (which, can I say, is a God-send) says, "Your baby is as long as four and a half inches right now, and weighs a bit over two ounces. Hold a large navel orange in your hand — that's how big your little darlin' is. "

Well, it says a lot more than that, but I didn't want to spoil all the fun. If you are curious, you can check it out at Great info & daily emails sent to your inbox!

I have had many requests for a "tummy-shot", which I am reluctant to post, but maybe I will work up the courage to post one soon. Only if I look REALLY cute and photo-shop the crap out of the picture!! :) For now, here is a picture of what the baby, supposedly, looks like at 15 weeks, even though I know my baby is SOOO much cuter than this!
By the way, I have been having mild dill pickle cravings!! I must note however, that I already loved dill pickles prior to the pregnancy, so this is not THAT abnormal. Anyway, I have been eating dill pickle sunflower seeds, which are great! And, just discovered the dill pickle flavored cashews, which TRUMPS the seeds, by a long shot! Next on the list is Dill Pickle flavored chips!! I will let you know. Speaking of that, if you have any dill-pickle recommendations, I am currently taking them! :) Hope this finds you all well! Leave me a comment!

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