Tuesday, January 20, 2009

... i'm back!! ...

Well, well, well...it has been a while. I am definitely slacking in the "blogging" world. I think between being 'slammed' this holiday season, having Christmas & New Years sneek up on me, and finding out we are going to have a little Stice...blogging has not been on my mind lately!

Yep, you read that correctly! I AM FINALLY PREGNANT. I was waiting to announce it until we were further along, but we have known for almost 5 weeks! I will be 9 weeks on Thursday! Our due date is August 27, 2009...We couldn't be more excited.

The picture below is how we told both sets of parents (or should I say grandparents)!!! It was amazing getting to tell them all at Christmas time. Both mothers cried...shocker! All of our friends are extremely happy too.

Anyway, that all leads up to yesterday. Our first sonogram. It was incredible. I truly think that these are the BEST pictures I have seen yet! :) I cannot explain what it was like watching the baby move, hearing the baby's heartbeat, etc...OUR OWN LITTLE GUMMY BEAR.

I cannot wait to hear what all of you have to say & I also want you all to know that I do actually have a lot more to blog...a lot of sessions that I missed in December, but as you can see, things in the Stice household have been a bit CRAZY!!! I promise to catch up!


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Erin said...

Lindsey, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. i love meeting new people in blogland, so thanks for stopping by. congrats as well. we are only about two weeks apart. we can share in the indecencies of pregnancy together. LOL. nice to meet you. say hello to the precious terrell's for me!