Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Specials!

So, I have been asked on numerous occasions to look into doing a 'baby club' since I get so many babies. I know I have missed out on some business, not offering this package - so, after much anticipation, here it is:

I know it is hard to read - YOU CAN CLICK ON THEM TO MAKE THEM BIGGER, but this is BASICALLY what it says...
You can sign up for "Bundle of Joy", which is my version of a 'baby club' & this is what you get:

1) $50 sessions, rather than $75 (save $25 per session!)

2) 5-6 sessions within a 12 month period (this means I am not leaving out the clients I may have missed along the way - IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE NEWBORNS.)

3) 30 day online proofing gallery for viewing & ordering

4) Each of the 5-6 sessions will award you a COMPLIMENTARY 8x10 of your favorite portrait.

5) At the end of the 12-months, you get a COMPLIMENTARY 5x7 Soft-Bound Brag/Photo Book compiled w/ pictures from the 5-6 sessions.

6) IN ADDITION, if you would like to have a Leather-Bound, Storybook Album rather than just the soft-bound book, you will be awarded discounts toward an album purchase based on your total print orders from the 5-6 sessions.

Also, I would like to start getting some 2009 Senior Portraits scheduled, so I have come up with the following for a Senior Special:

Again, I am sure it is hard to read, so....

For a mere $150.00, you get:

1) 1 hour, on-location senior portrait session

2) 60-day online proofing gallery

3) 1 set (24) COMPLIMENTARY Custom-Designed Senior Announcements

PLUS - If you reserve your appointment before November 1, 2008 (with a $50 retainer), you will get a COMPLIMENTARY 11x14 wall portrait, mounted on artboard

Let me know what you think! Also, if any of you out there can pass this on to someone you know, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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