Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow, what a slacker I am...

So, I have not let you all in on anything lately. You would think I were busy or something! So, many things have happened. After Kinsler Fralick was born on 8/2/08, Miss Teagan Nicole Beck graced the world with her presence on 8/13/08 - pics to come! I have completed my 2 August weddings & though they went well, I must say, I am exhausted! I will have to add some of those also. My beautiful mother has celebrated yet another birthday, 8/17/08. My inlaws celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary & softball started up again. I am actually currently feeling the pain of 'not being in shape', as I played catcher at our game last Wed and am still 'grunting' when I get up. Keri & Lance's wedding was Friday & WONDERFUL. We had so much fun. Everything & everyone was beautiful! I can't really believe it is already over. Kristen & I are thick as thieves, so I really felt as if that was my lil sis getting married too. I teared up a time or two! Anyway, over all, been really busy, but really happy! I will get some pics ready from the updates above to let you see what I have been up to...Get ready! XOXO

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