Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Trey!!

So, yes Trey is now an even older "old man"! Yesterday was his 28th birthday and boy did he have a good time! Just a couple quick candids - i know, i know, don't judge me for the quality, lighting or posing! I was lucky to get as many good ones as I did!

Me & My Precious Kristen:

My 2 Besties (as mentioned in a previous blog) Kristen (middle) & Corby aka ToTo (right):

My Best Bud, Keaton:

Da Girls!

Colby, my just-like-a-brother & Carrie aka Tosha G:

Happy Birthday, Hubby! Can't wait to spend 70 more with you! You are the love of my lifetime! XOXO

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